Maxo Kream – Meet Again (2019) Download


Kream keeps it real.
Maxo Kream wants to set all his homies free, so they can “Meet Again.” That’s the premise of Kream’s latest single, which touched down just hours after he announced its arrival on social media. “I’ll never let a soul play me out my position,” said Kream on Instagram. “I know what it feels like to have nothing and that shit will forever keep me goin. My heart pump blood not kool aid. #MEETAGAIN.” Kream is reminiscent on this one, dreaming of simpler days while talking to his boys that are gone.

Quotable Lyrics
Cuz, what’s crackin’? Hop you straight, know you thuggin’ like you should
Seen your momma yesterday, gave her money for your books
Different day, the same shit, nothing changed on Murda Block
Couple homies hit a lick and got the other homies popped
They got shot up with a K, I got good and bad news
They say Redro gon’ be straight, but Sto Groove ain’t make it through

Maxo Kream – Meet Again (2019) Download


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