The Pigs – Hillbilly Synthesiser Download New Album Leaked

The Pigs – Hillbilly Synthesiser (2019) LEAK ALBUM
The Pigs – Hillbilly Synthesiser (2019) LEAK ALBUM

Artist: The Pigs 
Album: Hillbilly Synthesiser 
Genre: Alternative Country 
Original Release Date: 2019 
Quality: 320 kbpsTrack Listing:
1. I Guess She Wanted To Stay
2. Olive, Call Me
3. I’m Never Gonna Be Barry White
4. Buffalo Dream
5. Hillbilly Synthesiser
6. Go! Robot Goat!
7. They Decided To Wait
8. The Only Vegetarian In Town
9. Sterilised! Humidified! Sleep
10. While the Moon Rolled Down the
11. T-Bone’s Boogie (That Itch I
12. The Tale of the Diamond Kings


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